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The Drone

How it all started

Since 1976 on a regular basis throughout different times of the year John used to go up with a pilot and take pictures of the farm. He always thought it was amazing what you could see differently year upon year.

Years later having then seen the Claas combine world record which was filmed by a local drone company sparked John interest to try and do it himself. He was bought a small Quadcopter for his Christmas present that year (which got lost in a field of OSR) but was eventually found by the combine that harvest. After which John’s drone addiction took (literally) off.

John has gone through a variety of drones and original Go Pro cameras to be able to capture better images. After much trial and error he has now found the right combination of camera and drone, which is the DJI Inspire Pro with X50 camera. This combination is able to create 4K videos and high definition images.

Initially the drone was used for “scouting” - taking pictures of fields, areas of interest and machinery operations. Some of these were posted on to You Tube and can also be found on the Video section. However, this has now progressed to field mapping with Dronedeploy producing Geo referenced Orthomosaic images. In January 2016 John took a 3-day course with UAV air, he passed his CAA qualification which means he now has a PFW (Permission for arial work) allowing him to work on a commercial basis with full insurance. 

The Future

John is trying to learn what agricultural benefits it can be used for besides recording history……. watch this space!