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Environment & Wildlife

Even though many of the environmental schemes have come and gone, we still pride ourselves on looking after the surrounding environment, habitats and eco systems within the farm. In the winter months John makes sure the local birds get plenty of cleanings from the grain cleaner/dresser. 

As of 2020 in conjunction will a local bee keeper we know have 12 hives at Flawborough tucked away in a quiet spinney at the main farm. 

Areas of interest include:

  •   Owl nesting boxes
  •   Kestrel nesting  boxes
  •   Grass margins and buffer stripes
  •   Wild flower corners/areas
  •   Fallow land/ winter stubble
  •   Old gypsum quarry natural lakes & pounds. 


The Smite and The Devon are the two rivers that boarder the main farm and positioned within the farm is an old gypsum quarry which has a number of large lakes. These all attract a wide variety of wetland birds, small mammals, insects, mouths and butterfly’s. For the last 20 years there has been sightings of otters however  no photo evidence as of yet...