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  • Horsch Cruiser 12 meters tine cultivator
  • Horsch FM 6 meters, Used for deeper or wet weather cultivation
  • TWB subsoiler 4.5 meters
  • Mole plough. single and double leg
  • Horsch sprinter 12SW. 12-meter grain and fertiliser (liquid) Changeable coulters for different crops and applications
  • KV tine drills x2 Wet weather drilling.
  • Cousins rolls, 12-meter Avadex



  • Horsch PT 8.300 36-meter self-propelled sprayer.
  • Horsch GS8000 36 meter


Both sprayers are equipped with; auto boom height, auto section control, auto nozzle change as the speed or rate increase. A well as Yara N-sensor for variable real time application of nitrogen. Nozzle spacing are 25cm for better coverage and reduced drift.  The sensor technology allows us to run an exceptionally low sprayer boom in any crop and field whatever the topography. This in turn gives better efficiencies of the applied product.  Recommendations and workplans are digital and go direct into Gatekeeper.



  • x2 8900 Claas lexions 
  • Terra tracks to reduce ground compaction, header control and road transport.
  • Yield mapping
  • Crop yield weighing
  • RTK Auto steer
  • Tungsten tipped chopper blades for better crop residue chopping and spreading
  • Telemetry – machine monitoring and live yield maps
  • 7xl unloading auger. Allowing the machine to unload into a vehicle on a previous 12-meter wheeling (CTF)


We purchased a 12-meter draper header for harvest 2019 and again in 2023 for our second combine. This piece of equipment has revolutionised our harvesting. With many arable rotations now include many crops like barley, oats, beans, peas and linseed. Plus, the weather becoming more unpredictable giving higher probability of lodged crops.  The MacDon now gives us piece of mind to cope with these conditions. Lodged crops along with wet ground conditions on undulating terrain is no problem and the use of crop lifter are now not required.


A key part of any large arable farm is keeping your machinery efficient and down time to a minimum. We also make a conscious decision to limit the impact to the local community we farm alongside. At the same time to reduce are carbon footprint.


This was the main driver to try and use HGV’s where possible to move our product around at harvest and throughout the year. Since June 2022 we have run our own in house Scania. The key benefits being

  • Fully legal, no grey areas. With a full set of records.
  • Drivers fully trained, tested and hours policed.
  • More efficient payload carrying – less movements
  • Less impact on the environment.
Chaser bin.
  • Allows the use of HGV’s for haulage
  • Low ground pressure tyres running at 1 bar pressure. The best grain trailers would be running closer to 2.5 bar pressure.
  • Someone in the field always with the combine for health and safety and fire risk.

The Unimog is at the heart of our logistics system. Being a capable tool carrier and haulage tractor. It is the closest we can get a tractor to be an HGV.

We have two mounted bodies for the Unimog:

Mixer bowser - A 5000l, mounted tank with full chemical mixing facility. Rather than travelling down the road or mixing the next tank. The Unimog will take the load into the field and fill the sprayers on the tramline. The operator of the mixer also has plenty of time to mix there load slowly and correctly. Washing and disposing of containers properly.

Drill filler – A 3 tonne seed hopper and 2500l fertiliser tank is mounted to the Unimog. The 12-meter Sprinter drill has a furious appetite when working in large fields. The Unimog’s ability to supply seed and fertiliser quick to speed up the filling process is vital to keep daily output up.